Game Changers by Dave Asprey

Book Review

To enhance your performance on any metric read this book. Asprey takes the best principles from 400 of the world’s top performers from Olympic Athletes, to Doctors leading the cutting-edge of medicine, to Spirituals Leaders and the world’s top CEOs. Doesn’t matter your grasp of personal growth or where you consider yourself on the spectrum of high-performance in life, you will get tremendous value. He establishes xx premises to live to crush it at life. He is on point.

What I love most about this book:

I love Dave Asprey. The man practices what he preaches. He is a personal growth guinea pig. Basically, if an expert who gets performance enhancing results from engaging in some bizzaro ritual, eating a unorthodox diet or taking a drug, Asprey will try it. He compares it all, which makes him a biohacking gamechanger himself. And so this big is packed with science-based tactics, tools and techniques.

He easily breaks down the book content into three sections: xx/xx/xx And then he states the nugget of wisdom in simple language at the top of each section. This makes the content easy to digest and flip back to if you want to read a section.

Asprey gives so much info in this book. Good base level knowledge and then the reader can choose what topics they like to deep dive into.

What I love less about the book:

There is so much content and it’s very theoretical and so is Asprey so the writing style is very to the fact. The book follows a similar tone to his blog. So the reading experience is very information heavy. To readers who are less theoretical or who want a bit more whimsy, humor, or artestry in terms of writing style, you might find this is much more a straightforward read.

Sneakpeek to your “big gets” as a reader:

The science on using sex for performance enhancement is orgasmic (I had too say it!) A totally unexpected section to this book that reviews today’s to science around using hormones and sexual energy to rock life. Not to blow it but women should orgasm more and men should cut back. Ample science to show why.

The real goods on food. What to eat. What the food industry has done to ruin our food. The science of how your body works and why every should eat for their genetics. So good!

The basics on what you need to about nootropics for brain enhancement. If you’re not into trying any of that then you’ll learn how to use your breath as the ultimate tool for stress management.

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