Pruning Dead Leaves

Gardening 101: Prune the dead leaves from your plants.

Do you know why? Because when you do, the energy that’s keeping the crunchy brown leaves alive will divert itself to the growth of glorious new buds. And that plant will flourish.

Pruning is critical work in life too.

Get rid of the projects that don’t inspire you as much as you can. If you fail to do this you will use up your daily stores on tasks that suck you dry. You’ll be the cause of your own lack of fulfillment.

So let’s get on with the pruning: Where are you spending most of your time? What are you focusing on? Are the actions you’re taking aligned with what you truly want?

These are critical questions to ask NOW.

Time is our most precious commodity. And it runs out. Statistically speaking, most people have the revelation that they should’ve pruned when it’s too late, when becomes prune themselves. When they are old and on the way out.

A plant that doesn’t never gets deadheaded, or watered or sunned eventually turns into one giant deadhead.

Might it be time to simply your life? Say “no” a bit more? Do more of what brings you joy and less of what doesn’t?

Bottom line is: When you’re inspired you are a lot more inspiring. And your actions will follow suit. Inspired people do inspiring things. They are also far more lovely to be around.

So prune a bit more. Welcome the new. And experience an inside out shift that will no doubt reverberate to the people around you.